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DVDNow Business Review

OK, I know it sounds great, but is it really? Can you really just get your hands on one or more of these machines and place them somewhere "Red" hot? Maybe…

They call them Kiosks. I actually use one of these “red boxes” as my family calls them quite frequently. There is one parked out in front of the Shop Rite, just down the road from our house. It is always packed to, either with people returning their DVDs, or those taking  their sweet time trying to decide what to get.

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The movies are just $1.00 to rent, plus tax.

Now I live in a very up and coming, super popular country area, with apple orchards, and one of the last surviving drive in movie theaters. We have just one super market for the whole town. I want you to see that this whole business to me seems to rely on location. There is just one of the DVDNow type Kiosks at the store.

Can you make money with this type of a business? Maybe, maybe not. You would have to register for one of the free webinars to get more details. I am sure there is quite a cost involved, as these machines are pretty high teck if you ask me.

Nothing good comes easy right? If you happen to have an in with the local store front, that would definitely allow you to place a machine like this, then it could be a good idea. What about power requirements? I used to sell high end copiers, and I know they almost always sat unused until the customer was able to get an electrician in to install a dedicated high end outlet to power the machine. I would say this is probably no different.

I like using the DVD Kiosk rental machine, and you certainly can not beat the one dollar price tag. Is it profitable though? It seems there would also be quite a lot of red tape to get the clearances needed to get all the new releases and stuff like that. They don’t let just anyone sell their titles you know.

In closing, I love the service and convenience. I think in the right location, it could be profitable, maybe. Would not be for me. Best of luck to you though if you do plan on researching this DVDNow, Kiosk movie rental business.

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